Why advertise with MethuenToday.com

First off, you’re working with the folks behind Loop Weekly, one of the most recognized and trusted news sources in the Merrimack Valley despite being in existence for just two years.

We began our journey as both a print and online product. But the cost of producing a newspaper these days is so astronomical that those costs are passed on to the advertisers, and that’s not a game we ever intended on playing.

We wanted to create a marketing opportunity that was affordable for small businesses and always felt like a win-win partnership. More and more, we heard from our partners that the promotion we did for them on social media and online led to far more new customers than their print ads in any publication ever did. So, we evolved our product.

The price of newspaper advertisements can often fill up a small business’ entire marketing budget. Plus, the shelf life of a newspaper is a day at most – depending how long folks can put up with the ink from the newsprint all over their hands.

With online advertising, you get:

- Mobility: The number of devices that connect to the Internet is growing rapidly. Our phones have become mini portable computers. So your online marketing with MethuenToday.com is easily transportable and viewed constantly. And no newsprint ink!

-  Global Reach: With newspapers, you’re confined to one market or a limited area. With online advertising, you’re not only hitting folks in the Merrimack Valley, but are viewable to folks worldwide that want to stay connected to their hometown.

- Measurable Outcomes: With print marketing, the number of folks your ad reaches is merely a guess by the publication. With online marketing, we have clear measurables in terms of how many people are viewing your campaigns!

- Bang For The Buck: Because of the lower overhead with online publications, we can offer far more reach for far less money than print advertising.

- Customizable: With print advertising, your design must stay the same for days or months. Online advertising is instantly adjustable to fit your evolving messages and target audiences.