WATCH: Steve Saba Discusses Perry Concerns, Kannan Support in Mayoral Race

The East District City Councilor said he knows Kannan to be highly ethical and is concerned with the conflicts of interest behind the scenes of the Perry campaign.


On the Oct. 10, 2019 edition of “Looped In Live,” Steve Saba, Methuen City Councilor discusses the Mayoral race, why he has concerns with Neil Perry and why he supports Jennifer Kannan for Mayor.

Saba raises three key issues:

– Perry spent months criticizing the City Council over the police contract MOU, saying it should be signed and singling out Saba and fellow Councilor Jimmy McCarty — without knowing the details of either the original contract or the MOU.

Perry changed his view, as he said on the Oct. 9 MCTV Mayoral Debate that knowing what he knows now, he would vote no on the MOU.

– Perry has been vocal in criticizing the Council for not approving city grant money to go to the renovation of a private building, the railroad station depot that is owned by Local 175 of the Laborers International Union.

Local 175 took out three full-page ads in the latest issue of a local publication, one page attacking Kannan specifically, one page attacking both Kannan and West District Council candidate Bill Bryant, and another full page endorsing Perry. All three quoted Local 175 president Michael Gagliardi.

– Saba said he knows Kannan to be highly ethical and said her family members serving the city is to be commended, not criticized as a conflict of interest.

Saba said his real concerns are the conflicts of interest behind the scenes that are not made public.

He spoke of concerns with Perry’s campaign team — that includes paid consultant Phil DeCologero (former Chief of Staff for Mayor Steve Zanni, the Mayor who told the City Council that the police contract contained raises of 0-2-2 percent over three years); campaign chair Tom Lussier (Festival of Trees president and former Massachusetts Teachers Retirement Board executive director who was ordered to pay a $5,000 penalty by the State Ethics Commission in 2002 for misuse of MTRB funds) and former Mayor Sharon Pollard (Festival of Trees co-founder who was ordered to pay $4,000 in penalties by the State Ethics Commission in 2007 for violating the state’s conflict of interest law by appropriating $200,000 of a $650,000 payment meant for municipal use to be given to the Festival of Trees while Mayor).