Methuen Gets Friday Night Lights Back As State Lifts EEE Restrictions

Methuen football will play its first Friday night game of the year in what is expected to be blustery conditions.

We saw it on our windshields the last couple days. A hard frost. The thing the state kept telling us would make our threat of EEE go away.

Well, state health officials made it official Monday afternoon, lifting the EEE restrictions for Methuen.

That means the city’s fields will be open past dusk — though most youth and high school sports have finished their outdoor seasons at this point.

One positive exception is Methuen Rangers football. The team and its fans will finally get to experience their first home Friday Night Lights experience of the fall, as the Rangers will face Acton-Boxboro at 6 p.m. Friday at Nicholson Stadium.

The Rangers lost, 40-12, in the first round of the MIAA Division I North playoffs at Andover on Saturday, meaning the remainder of their schedule will be non-playoff games against teams that either did not qualify for the playoffs or have been knocked out of the playoffs.

The one downside on the weather front: We may see our first snow of the season on Friday. As of Monday afternoon, the forecast was calling for about an inch of morning snow and a high temperature of … wait for it … 33 degrees Friday.