Candidates Make Last Push For Votes As Election Day Nears

With the 2019 Methuen city election just hours away, Mayoral and City Council candidates in contested races are making one last push to get out the word.

The candidates for Mayor and City Council have canvassed the city for much of the past two months, but are stepping up their last-minute efforts in an attempt to make sure they’ve reached as many candidates as possible.

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Here’s a look at the last-minute doings of all the candidates.


Candidate Neil Perry has been busy over the past couple weeks, conducting town hall forums on a variety of topics to discuss his stances face-to-face with voters — the last of which, on strengthening neighborhoods, was held Monday evening.

Outside of supporters holding signs in the rain of last week during rush hours and making last-minute campaign stops Monday night and Tuesday morning, Perry has also posted photos of supporters hosting in-home events down the campaign home stretch.

Perry’s opponent, City Council chairperson Jennifer Kannan, was also busy Monday getting the last-minute word out to voters. She also plans to do last-minute door knocking and outreach to voters before heading to the polls to vote herself on Tuesday.

She and her team were hard at work over the weekend out and about in Methuen.

Kannan and Perry have also continued to spar over details of the revelation that Perry brought forth in the last MCTV televised forum in early October. When asked to describe a personal life event that made him stronger as a person, Perry chose to discuss his messy divorce battle with his second wife and the fight against a restraining order she had issued against him.

Perry later told various media outlets that he chose to divulge the highly personal information because he had heard that Kannan supporters were already spreading the rumors and looking to publish the allegations on social media.

The Kannan campaign vehemently denied the claim, saying they had no intentions to bring such a personal event into the political realm. Kannan pointed to her record of running clean campaigns over the years focused on issues.

But the Kannan campaign also took issue with Perry’s characterization of his fight against the restraining order and published details of the court battle between him and his second wife. Among other things, the Kannan campaign said Perry’s second wife alleged “physical, sexual and emotional abuse” in court documents from 2002.

Perry vehemently denied the Kannan campaign claims and published a video on social media with his kids and first ex-wife also denying the claims and painting Perry as the model father and co-parent.

Kannan’s campaign then published an official campaign press release on Oct. 30 from 24 “women of Methuen” calling on Perry to be honest about his past. The press release letter also spread rumors of possible harassment and personnel violations against Perry during his time employed at Raytheon.

Perry again vehemently denied the claims, publishing his own Nov. 1 press release signed by 128 women supporters, praising Perry and calling the Kannan campaign tactics “desperate” and “dirty politics.”

Kannan quickly responded by comparing Perry to Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood producer facing multiple sexual assault charges. 


Thankfully, most of the other races have been much less negative, with the City Council At-Large perhaps the greatest example of candidates focused on issues and differentiating themselves without attacking their opponents.

In the final days of the campaign, each candidate has been active on social media, highlighting their last efforts to get out the vote.


The Central District candidates have been just as busy angling for voters before the polls open Tuesday.


With both seats up for grabs in the West, the four candidates have also been pounding the pavement to make sure supporters get to the ballot box Tuesday.